Child Sponsorship

We believe that every child has the right to be educated and should have access to basic food and welfare needs.

The Go Beyond All Borders Child Sponsorship program was initiated to help provide HOPE to children living in poverty.

For as little as $50 each month, you could help change the life of a child attending Huruma School in Kenya by providing education, school supplies, healthcare, food, counseling and family support.

Your sponsorship will not only help one child, but will assist in meeting the needs of the entire Huruma community.

As we are a grassroots organisation, we are SO PROUD of the fact that we are able to keep administration costs as low as possible. This means that we’re committed to ensuring 90% of all sponsorship costs are sent direct to Huruma! In fact, this is our commitment to ALL donations we receive.

Donations can also be made to support the education of children living in Baan Op Un Foster Home in Thailand or Zoe’s Home in Thailand.

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